Volkswagen - Project ABF/TT

The intent originally was just to get back into a MK2 GTI. Near the end of summer in 2006 I was fortunate to purchase my 4th MK2 GTI. It is a black 1991 GTI 8 valve with the factory moonroof.

For historical purpose's..

VW number 1 = 1984 Jetta 4 door 5 speed (purchased summer 1989) - retired
VW number 2 = 1982 Rabbit diesel 2 door (purchased fall 1990) - retired
GTI number 3 = Red 1986 8v with factory moonroof (purchased spring 1991) - retired
GTI number 4 = Black 1991 8v (purchased winter 1995) - sold
GTI number 5 = White 1988 16v with factory moonroof (purchased off Ebay summer 2004) - retired
GTI number 6 = Black 1991 8v with factory moonroof (purchased summer 2006)
VW number 7 = Black 2000 Jetta (winter beater)

The project then started, fall 2006.

The factory engine was old and tired 1.8 liter 8 valve with approx 178,000 km's (when I purchased it). I then discovered the European 2 liter ABF motor and started reading and collecting parts...

Along side of project ABF, I wanted to update the look of the car. After countless nights on and a little nudge from Corrado Dave, I decided to go to a the black-n-chrome look. So more parts were purchased...

Fall 2007 and a visit to Parts Galore. The black-n-chrome look pushed the car to the next level (convert the suspension from the factory 4x100 bolt pattern to 5x100 bolt pattern) - Audi TT fat 5 chrome rims. And yet again, more parts were purchased...

At this point the project is going to take a few more twists, tranny, interior, etc but the intention of this blog is to collect my thoughts and list the parts on hand. As well as parts needed/dreaming...

Stay tuned....

Chrome door handles

mk1 rabbit/scirocco


Abf ecu from England via Ebay